Clean loadsClean loads in the waste and trash removal industry are any loads that contain only a certain type of waste material, such as roofing shingles or asphalt and concrete, without a significant portion of other co-mingled materials, such as metal or wood.

If you have a substantial amount of waste material or debris that you need to have disposed, it’s important to ensure that it’s as clean as possible to maximize the ability to safely recycle or dispose of it without having to deal with contaminants that may hinder effective processing and disposal.

At Mitrano Removal services, we specialize in clean load disposal. We efficiently and cost-effectively transport and dispose of a wide range of clean loads, including asphalt shingles, metal, organic materials such as stumps and other yard waste, concrete and bricks, cardboard and other paper products and by-products, even barnyard waste such as horse manure. In fact, we’ve been safely and reliably disposing of clean loads in greater central and eastern Massachusetts for over twenty years. We’re focused on keeping our communities clean and environmentally safe through our commitment to recycling organic and inorganic waste materials as completely and efficiently as possible.

We do this by partnering with a wide range of specialized recycling centers that handle very specific waste products so we can achieve the highest percentage of reclaimed and recycled material, as possible. That means, for example, finding ways to properly turn all kinds of scrap metals into recycled and remanufactured products instead of filling up landfills with material that can take centuries or longer to break down. We even send old roofing materials to a recycling facility that handles only roofing waste and by-products.

And it all starts with clean loads that enable us to sort and ship loads more easily to the right reclamation, recycling, and reprocessing facilities. If you have a questions about clean loads and how to maximize the disposal and reuse of waste materials at your home or business, contact the clean load experts at Mitrano Removal Services – we’re happy to help New England keep it clean!