Mitrano Removal Service LLC disposes in an environmentally conscientious manner.

Mass Waste Ban items have additional fees these include:

  • Appliances: N/C
  • Freon Items (ac units, refrigerators, freezers): $75 ea
  • Batteries: $50 ea
  • Car Tires: $25 ea
  • Car Tires (including rims): $50 ea
  • TV / Computer Monitor: $50 ea
  • Propane Tank: $25 ea
  • Poles (timbers) over 7′ long: $75 ea
  • Large furniture (sofas and overstuffed chairs, etc): $75 ea 

Extra large items are case by case (such as a piano, canoe, hot tub etc.) Most are $222.50

No hazardous materials may be placed in the container such as fluorescent light bulbs, motor oil, car batteries or other large batteries, asbestos, liquid paints (paints may be dried out with their lids open), or any type of combustible material. No mattresses or box springs allowed in our dumpsters.

No illegal use of medical waste. Only Mitrano Removal Service employees can move the dumpsters.

The Mitrano Removal Fleet is ready to deliver YOUR container!