Recycling MAWe have always been committed to recycling products since our inception in 1992. In an effort to stay current with environmental issues, we utilize the services of state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

For example, clean loads of demolition debris, construction waste, wood asphalt shingles, concrete, asphalt, metal, stumps, cardboard and organic material, including manure, are hauled to the appropriate recycling facility where they are processed and reused.

We use a variety of recycling centers to be able to get the best possible recycling services available within our service areas. Some of the recycling facilities that we use are for specific products, for example our roofing material goes to a center that exclusively handles and recycles only roofing material. The same process is used for our manure recycling – we take this to our own recycling location/facility that is used exclusively for manure, and organic material.

Recylcing MA

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