Winter CleanoutSure, there’s snow on the ground, a nip in the air, and cabin fever’s setting in – all the more reason to tackle a winter clean-out of your home or business with an open top container from Mitrano!

Rent one of our open top containers next weekend to make cleaning out your basement, attic, or garage a snap. An open top container enables you to grab all that worn-out furniture, all those broken toys, household repair scraps and other junk and just toss it all into one of our open top containers. With a dumpster from Mitrano you can get rid of all your junk at once. You won’t have to bag everything and you can fill the container at your convenience. If you’re cleaning out a garage that has accumulated junk for years do you want to have to put out bits and pieces on the curb every week? That could take months. It’s much easier to have a container that you can fill and have hauled away. There are no limits on the number of trash bags or bulk items with a dumpster.

As part of your winter clean-out, perhaps you’re removing old building materials from a home improvement project. Even if your town trash collection includes bulk pickup, it will typically not include building materials. Trying to get rid of old brick, stone, or cinder-block can be difficult and expensive without renting a dumpster. As a reminder, make sure you have a space free of snow and ice, available for the open top container. Clearing a space of snow and ice, will not only help the waste removal workers, but it will help keep you safe, as well.

If your town offers bulk trash pickup most have limits on what and how much you can have taken away. You have to call ahead to request pickup and there’s a set number of items your city or town will collect. Going beyond the maximum number of items will cost you a substantial fee — if they’ll even take it. Even then there will be requirements for things like appliances, which will have to be properly prepared for bulk pickup.

You can avoid these headaches by ordering an open top container which you can fill at your convenience and without worrying about limits. We’ll drop off the container and haul it away so you can get rid of your junk without a problem. With dumpsters of all sizes, we can accommodate a light clean-out or a through removal of all the clutter in your home.

Call our waste container experts today to determine the right-sized open top container for your winter clean-out project and then get rid of your junk and the winter blues all at the same time.