When recycling is mentioned, most people automatically think that recycling solely means putting a plastic water bottle or piece of scrap paper into a separate blue bin. However, there are many more materials that can be recycled and reused. A lot of these materials are the remnants of larger projects that the average person does not partake in every day, such as construction and demolition projects.

At Mitrano Removal Service LLC, we specialize in the removal, transport, and drop off of these unusual recyclable materials to various facilities. Construction materials that we frequently recycle are  wood/asphalt shingles, stumps, concrete, and asphalt. These materials are all brought to local recycling centers that concentrate in recycling each individual material properly. For example, Mitrano Removal brings shingles and roofing materials to a facility that focuses strictly on recycling products of that kind, and stumps are removed from the site and recycled into all organic mulch material that looks great in the front yard!

Recycling is extremely important in making the world a cleaner, safer, and happier place. So continue to recycle small things like water bottles and old papers. But also remember that next time you are taking on a larger project, chances are, those materials can (and should) be recycled as well!