If you are done with the winter weather, take heart, spring is only a few scant weeks away. If you just can’t wait for spring to get here, here’s a way you can start preparing for it: do a winter clean-out around your home. That’s right. Forget about spring clean-ups. Why waste all that glorious spring weather cleaning out? Start now so you’ll have a clean slate when the birds start chirping and flowers start popping. In fact, you may be surprised at how much you’ve accumulated over the past few months. Garages get filled up with broken or worn-out equipment, outdoor toys, furniture, bicycles, and more. The basement and attic are cluttered with dead small appliances, unused household items, and stacks of old magazines and papers. And that backyard shed has become a haven for clutter. Time to clean things out. To help you get started, we’re now offering The Mitrano Mini a 6-yard container (6 x 6 x 4) container is perfect for small cleanouts and tight spaces. Finishing up a small project or cleaning out odds-and-ends that pile up on workbenches, in kitchen drawers, and basement corners. The Mitrano Mini could be the answer.

Announcing the new
Mitrano Mini!

This compact dumpster can be useful when space is an issue and is great for garage and basement cleanouts.

If you have piles, bags, and boxes of stuff that seem overwhelming to deal with, start by separating stuff by functionality and usefulness. Is it broken? Can it and should it be fixed? If not, toss it. Is it something you haven’t used in years? Chances are you will NEVER use it again, no matter how attractive or useful it might seem. Donate it if possible, throw it out if not. Once you’ve pared down your piles, you can start to reorganize things. Plastic storage bins, shelving or storage units that you can install in your garage or basement are great organization tools to help with easy access to the items you use most often. All that will be left is what you are ready to dispose of. If it turns out you’ve got more rubbish than you thought, Mitrano Removal Service offers 10, 15 and 30-yard open top containers as well as frontload containers for small businesses that want get ahead and stay ahead of trash removal.