image of a child jumping into a pile of leavesSummer’s over and all those plants that provided brilliant color during the warmer weather are all now turning into the yellows, oranges, and browns of autumn. This is the season for yard clean-ups – the time when most homeowners rake leaves, clean out gutters, mow the lawn for the last time, and trim up dead limbs and branches from fall’s wind and rain storms.

Now the problem is what to do with all that fall yard waste.

Unfortunately for some homeowners, organic yard waste such as leaves, brush, and stumps are no longer allowed in most landfills because they can break down into bio-gas such as methane, which is a significant greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if it’s not captured and utilized. Fortunately, these kinds of organic yard waste are considered “clean loads” and as such, can be collected and properly composted or recycled. Organic yard waste can actually be recycled and turned into usable byproducts such as mulch, fuel, and other valuable commodities that can help reduce overall waste volumes while reducing pollution and other environmental damage.

At Mitrano Removal Service, our team of organic waste experts have years of yard waste management experience — the practice of reducing or optimizing the amount of yard waste that finds its way to local waste management facilities. We’ll provide you with an appropriate clean load container to handle your end-of-season yard clean-up and help protect the environment.

It’s important to remember that organic yard waste is NOT the same thing as other kinds of residential trash such as broken lawn furniture, worn-out outdoor toys, non-working lawn equipment, and debris from outdoor construction projects. Non-organic waste such as this should be disposed of in an appropriate construction and demolition dumpster, which we can also provide.

So get busy raking, pruning, and piling all that brush and fall yard waste – we’ll take care of hauling it all way and properly disposing or recycling it. Contact us today for the clean container that will fit your needs perfectly and we’ll drop it off.