mound of snow in front of open top trash containerThis year we’ve already seen significant snowfalls and we’ve still got months of wintery weather to go. Not only does ice and snow make travel treacherous, waste removal can be tricky if the areas around top-loading and front-loading waste containers are not keep free and clear.

To ensure that you, our valued customer — and our trucks and drivers — stay safe, please keep your waste container cleaned off after every storm. Stay alert to potential snowy weather and be prepared to shovel, blow, or plow the snow from in front of, and around, your container. To make things easier, keep some salt or chemical ice treatment handy and treat any ice before it has a chance to build up and become harder to remove. It’s also a good idea to have some sand on hand so you can avoid having to deal with slippery conditions that can also make it difficult for our drivers to approach and empty your container.

These precautions are even more important if your waste container is used at a place of business or other commercial or municipal organization. Being proactive with snow and ice treatment will help keep employees safe and productive.

Keeping snow and ice off of your waste container is not just about keeping people safe – it’s also helpful for keeping your container clean and efficient. Standing water inside the container can saturate and break down the waste materials in it, making it difficult to completely remove the waste and contributing to container corrosion and leakage which can adversely affect the container’s performance.

So when winter weather strikes, remember – keep your waste container free of ice and snow. It’ll make things a lot easier for you – and us!