Horse Farms vary in many ways, the amount of horses you have, acreage, and how you choose to manage the many aspects of a farm. One thing they all have in common is managing manure. Fortunately, this “by product” has natural benefits that make reusing it worthwhile.

Managing manure is not for everyone. This is why Mitrano Removal Service LLC can provide you with a manure removal program to fit your specific needs. Offering 10, 15 and 30-yard manure containers to best fit your farm size.

Many customers prefer to keep a manure recycling container permanently on their property, with a regularly scheduled pick up to remove the manure as the container fills up. Others prefer an on-call arrangement that handles removal on an as-needed basis.  In either case, removal and recycle experts such as the professionals at Mitrano Removal can safely and efficiently remove and recycle horse manure to minimize its environmental impact. Once we remove the manure it is brought to an organic recycling center where it is reused and turned into organic product such as mulch.

If your farm is looking for manure removal give Mitrano Removal Service a call and one of our friendly representatives will help you schedule the right service for your needs.