If you are a construction company doing a new build or remodel, you most likely need a dumpster on site. Mitrano Removal Service offers 3 sizes: 10 yd. (8 x 12 x 3 ½), 15 yd (8 x 12 x 5), and 30 yd. (8 x 20 x 5 ½). We also offer a 40 yd. (8 x 22 x 6 ½) dumpster for  large demo projects.

Mitrano Removal Service offers clean load dumpsters as well as construction debris. Clean loads of yard waste consist of brush, leaves and stumps. A metal container is also offered at a special rate. This container must be filled with metal only and are available in 10 yd, 15 yd. and 30 yd. sizes. If you are breaking up a patio you may be in need of a masonry container. Masonry containers may include asphalt and gravel; however, it may not have painted or dyed materials. These are available in 10 yd containers  and 30 yd containers ½ full. What do you do with the dyed materials? This would need a brick container which may have any red dyed material, or painted concrete, and gravel is okay in this dumpster as well. Brick containers are also available in 10 yd. and 30 yd. ½ full. If you are disposing of rail road ties, they may be mixed with pressure treated wood. Clean load dumpsters help assure your waste goes to the best disposal facility to become a recycled product.

We have courteous, professional, timely drivers to get your dumpster on site. Call one of our Mitrano Removal associates to help you set up right dumpster for your project.