Manure management is a vital part of modern day horse ownership. Many horses spend a significant portion of their day in stalls, accumulating large amounts of manure and stall waste. Horse owners generally manage small acreage farms.  Efficient manure removal and disposal is a crucial task for ensuring the health and comfort of animals and humans alike. 

Fortunately, at Mitrano Removal Service we have a cost-efficient and effective solution – an on-site manure container that’s picked up regularly so that the manure can be disposed of in a safe and proper manner. 

Now, you might be thinking “Is it really necessary to have a dedicated, on-site dumpster just for horse manure?” On any given day, the average 1,000-pound horse will produce approximately 50 pounds of manure. A dedicated horse manure container from Mitrano Removal Service offers all kinds of benefits: it can reduce internal parasite problems, prevent water source contamination, and help control nuisance insects that can be potentially harmful in the long run. 

We offer flexible manure removal services and can provide regularly-scheduled pick-ups or manage your container on an “on-call” basis. Our waste removal specialists can help you determine the right size manure dumpster for your operation. Our 10-yard open top containers are popular with average-sized area horse farms and take up little room, making them a highly-flexible, cost-efficient, and secure container for horse manure. We also offer pile removal for those who prefer not to have a container on site.

To learn more about getting a manure removal program custom-tailored for your farm, contact us today at Mitrano Removal Service.