Brick is one of the most traditional and dependable construction materials, and it is trusted by most people on the building site. For one, the material is strong and durable. It lasts for a long time and holds up well against rough weathering. Brick is also visually appealing and it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Beyond its strength and aesthetic, brick also provides homes with a great deal of safety and is highly resistant to fire. The only time brick can become a nuisance is when you have a pile of them sitting around and you have no clear direction of what to do next.

Many home construction projects where bricks are involved are when fireplaces and chimneys, old walkways, or old foundations are being replaced. During the project, the old bricks create quite a heavy pile, and it can quickly become a source of stress that mars the end of the project. Instead of feeling good about the newly completed work, you’re now thinking of what to do with all of the old material. Thankfully, there is quite a bit you can do with it.

Ways to Reuse Your Bricks

                1. Build a Firepit
                  One of the most common projects when reusing brick is building a nice fire pit or grill. Using their natural fire resistance, you can arrange and stack them into a solid structure fit for an outdoor fireplace. You can also arrange them to make yourself an outdoor grill or brick oven, and there are plenty of websites that show how you can make them.
                2. Build a Walkway
                  If you have an outdoor garden or extra space around your home, you can give the bricks new life by creating a nice walkway on your property. A walkway provides your home with a nice aesthetic that encourages you to spend time outside, and it can also spare you the chore of some weeding.
                3. Build a Garden
                  If you don’t already have one, brick is a great material for constructing the outline of your garden. Since the material is highly durable and does not easily break down, you can dig into the soil and create a barrier from potential animal friends that are looking for a snack. Above ground, you can craft a wall that surrounds the space, which will not only be more visually appealing than the simple wiring that some folks use, but it will better protect your plants.

                Can You Recycle Bricks?

                If you’re not interested in starting a new project, there is an alternative. Looking at the big pile of bricks, you may be wondering if you can recycle them. You’ll be happy to know that not only can you recycle them, but by doing so you are leaving the environment (and your nice, fertile lawn) much better off. Recycling brick helps avoid negatively impacting the environment.

              1. While bricks are recyclable, it must be noted that they cannot be taken to any curbside recycling center. Your neighborhood recycling center specializes more in average household items. Bricks have a high density that prevents these centers from adequately and safely processing them. The best way to safely and efficiently dispose of unused bricks is to hand them to a waste management and removal company. 
              2. With Mitrano Removal Service, we provide you with a “clean-load” (recycling) dumpster for specific material. We’ll drop off the clean-load container at your location. All you need to do is load the bricks into the container, and, once filled, we’ll take it to one of the specialist recycling centers in our service area. When the dumpster is emptied, the bricks go to an appropriate recycling facility and are processed there.
              3. Regardless of the project, if you are in need of a clean-load container, we have a variety of sizes available that will make your construction project safer, more organized, and less stressful. Feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you!