Proper manure management–how it’s stored and removed–greatly determines the well-being of your land and the surrounding environment, and it will provide immediate benefits. It removes pests and parasites, keeps nearby water sources clean, and removes unsightly piles and overbearing odors.

The average horse produces around fifty-five pounds of manure per day, which can quickly become an issue if left unchecked. The next step of action is to determine which manure removal program is best for you. Whether you have a one-horse farm or a 100-horse farm, we have the equipment and services to curate a cost-effective program that best suits your needs.

Most clients we serve enjoy keeping a container on a permanent basis, dedicating a manure storage site on their property all year long. With this arrangement, we provide regularly scheduled removals, or we also provide “on-call” services where we remove collected manure as needed.

Some farms also choose to stockpile their manure and have a container for removal provided on a bi-annual or quarterly basis. If you’re in need of a different schedule or arrangement, we’re always ready to provide a way that best serves you. Our waste removal specialists will help you determine which open-top container is appropriate for your operation. The 10-yard container is a popular choice for the small to average sized farm, but we can also provide 15- and even 30-yard containers for larger establishments.

If you’ve been searching for a manure removal program that perfectly addresses your needs, please take the time now to contact us. At Mitrano Removal Service, our staff of experienced team members will gladly speak with you and help you find the right program!