Whether you are at home, work, or somewhere in your town, you are likely seeing opportunities to recycle everywhere. Recycling is so much more accessible and easier to do than ever before. Recycling programs are even available to businesses and home projects that produce large amounts of waste material that can be reclaimed.

Even with these programs available to us, the information on what can actually be recycled from a project is largely put on us to discover. You deserve to know that what you’re putting into your recycling bin is actually being given a new purpose. At Mitrano Removal Service, we are ready to help!

When it comes to producing large amounts of waste material, what can you actually recycle through our clean-load system? We provide services for several things including:

  • Yard waste like leaves, brush, and stumps
  • Metal
  • Masonry like asphalt and gravel (no dye)
  • Brick (including dye)
  • Horse manure

What is “clean-load” recycling?

If you are working on a project that will create large amounts of a particular waste byproduct, then clean-load recycling is a great option for you.

Simply put, it is any load that contains only a certain type of waste material, such as roofing shingles or asphalt and concrete, without a significant portion of other commingled materials, such as metal or wood.

Clean-load recycling allows us to safely recycle waste without the risk of contaminants that may hinder effective processing and disposal. Once you have the waste contained, we work with various specialized recycling facilities so that the greatest amount of waste is reclaimed and given new life.

Where do I put all of this waste material?

No matter the size of the project, our team is ready to support and help you find the right open-top container that will fit your disposal needs.

If you are working on a smaller project, the 10-yard container is the ideal option, but if your project requires more space, we offer 15-, 30-, and even 40-yard containers for large-scale projects.

We will drop off the container at your project site, and, once you have disposed of the material into the container, we will collect it and distribute the waste to the appropriate facilities.

If you have been concerned about where your project waste is going and would like to ensure that as much of that material is reclaimed and given a new purpose, contact us today. Our team of specialists is ready to answer your questions and help you get started!