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Yard Waste Removal for [kds_location]Yard waste removal sounds like a pretty simple thing – you rake up leaves, grass clippings, tree and shrub trimmings and put them into bags for disposal, right? Well, there’s actually more to yard waste removal than that.

In the past, yard waste removal was not highly regulated, but today organic yard waste is no longer allowed in most landfills because it can break down into bio-gasses such as methane, which is a significant greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if it’s not captured and utilized. In fact, organic yard waste – including brush, garden debris, grass clippings, leaves, sod, logs, trees and stumps, indoor and outdoor plants, mulch and wood chips, even Christmas trees — accounts for a significant portion of the waste that used to end up in Central Massachusetts landfills each year. Over the years, residential neighborhoods and households were producing more yard waste and the massive quantities of organic material slated for yard waste removal became too much for city and town garbage collection systems to handle.

Fortunately, there’s a yard waste removal alternative. Organic yard waste such as brush, leaves, and stumps can actually be recycled and turned into usable byproducts such as mulch, fuel, and other valuable commodities that can help reduce overall waste volumes while reducing pollution and other environmental damage. The yard waste removal experts here at Mitrano Removal Service can set you up with the correct container for this kind of organic yard waste removal so that it can be properly processed and recycled.

It’s important to remember that organic yard waste is NOT the same thing as other kinds of debris that are found in yards everywhere – broken lawn furniture, worn-out outdoor toys, non-working lawn equipment, and debris from outdoor construction projects. Non-organic waste such as this should be disposed of in an appropriate construction and demolition dumpster, which we can also provide.

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