Demolition is often associated with a great deal of negative things like unbridled destruction, messiness, and is even looked at as harmful to the environment. At Mitrano Removal, we can prove these myths wrong with professional demolition and trash removal in MA. While many may feel that demolition means “the end,” of something, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Think of condemned, dangerous buildings, think of unnecessary eye sores, think of the opportunity to start fresh. The first step of anything new is usually the removal of the old. Mitrano Removal takes this idea very seriously, professionally and responsibly removing old structures for you. We are a full service demolition contractor and offer free estimates for commercial buildings, residential homes, barns, and garages.

Demolition concerns

We’ve found that there a great deal of concerns when demolition and trash removal in MA are brought up. First of all, we do not destroy structures only to have the remains sit in a landfill somewhere. In any and all cases, we use our dumpsters in MA to sift through what can be recycled and what cannot. Then, we recycle as much as possible. As responsible demolition contractors, we also aim to work with preservationists on all sides. After all, our industry has been recycling materials long before it was the “ecologically responsible,” thing to do, and has worked closely with the law and zoning officials to rid historically relevant pieces of land of unsightly structures.

Then there’s always the question of the possible danger and expense of a demolition project that can cause building owners to hesitate when deciding to demolish or not. At Mitrano Removal, we pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and friendly crews; who will assure you that demolition is not actually as dangerous as one might think. The danger is highly restrained when you choose Mitrano Removal and you’ll see us utilize our dumpsters in MA to remove a structure as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Also, commercial demolition work usually proves to cost less than 2 percent of the price of replacing a building.

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