As one of the premier trash removal businesses in New England, Mitrano Removal knows that every job requires a specific tool. In our case, that tool is an open container. If you’re undergoing a major project that requires a great deal of trash removal in Groton, MA, we’ve got the exact tool for whatever you’re working on.

As a dumpster in Groton, MA, our smaller, 10 yard open container is the perfect size for projects like garage, attic, or basement cleanouts. This size container is also exactly what you’d need for any small construction projects or even basic spring cleaning. When you’re interested in trash removal in Groton, MA, you need look no further than Mitrano Removal.  This size container is also ideal for locations with limited space because it can be delivered with our smallest truck and takes up only one parking space.

Our 15 yard open containers are perfect for when you’re doing a home or business project that requires a bit more space for trash removal. These containers are also small enough to fit into one parking space so can be an unbelievably easy and efficient way to get rid of your trash. They’re perfect for jobs like remodeling a bath or a kitchen, cleaning out a home or business, and for real estate sales and staging, as well yard or garden clean up.

An image showing debris in an open container dumpster

Now, our 30 and 40 yard containers are designed for large projects requiring a great deal of trash removal in Groton, MA. They’re designed for significantly larger construction projects, demolition of larger home projects, new construction, and entire house cleanouts. Both open containers are also ideal for roofing, metal, yard waste, and even manure.

And keep in mind; we still make sure that any of your waste that can be recycled will be.

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