Since 1992, Mitrano Removal has been at the forefront of trash removal in Harvard, MA, and recycling the massive amounts of waste produced during construction or demolition projects. Since 1990, The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has employed waste disposal bans on the debris left over from construction and demolition projects. Items such as wood, metal, asphalt pavement, and brick and concrete must be recycled in order to comply with Massachusetts disposal bans. We take recycling very seriously. Not only because it’s good for the planet, but also because it’s good for local business and the community as well. Instead of piling useful materials into some landfill, recycling materials for construction projects makes building materials more prevalent and easier for construction companies to attain at a lower price.

Our Recycling Track Record

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We do a great deal of trash removal in Harvard, MA so have seen our open top containers and dumpsters put to good use for over twenty years now. And, when a construction project needs a dumpster in Harvard, MA, they know that we’re the company to go to first. Having such a long track record as responsible trash removal and recycling professionals has allowed Mitrano Removal to become part of a community of responsible builders and demolition companies. Our dumpsters in Harvard, MA have been used for numerous projects; big and small. With our firm stance on recycling as much material as possible, it is well known that we make sure to comply with the trash removal laws in Massachusetts.

When we provide a dumpster in Harvard, MA, we itemize all the material gathered from a construction or demolition project and make sure that all materials that can be recycled will be recycled. For example, asphalt pavement and shingles are easily crushed and used to make new asphalt or turned into a road base. Concrete can also be recycled many times over and is always reused for a number of purposes. A great deal of the wood that’s left over from large construction or demolition projects is processed and reused as landfill cover, particleboard, landscape mulch, and for fuel at biomass plants. Metal can also be easily recycled and reused as new products as well.

So, when you need trash removal in Harvard, MA, contact us at: (978)-425-6181