As a family owned and operated business, everyone here at Mitrano Removal knows just how much work and effort needs to be put into a business to keep it running smoothly. We also know that the best judges of our success are our customers, so consistently strive to meet their waste removal needs in a professional and timely manner. We’ve been in the trash removal business since 1992 so have developed strong relationships with a great deal of business owners all around Massachusetts. For example, we service many horse farms around Massachusetts and especially in Leominster, MA. Seeing how one horse alone produces about 50 pounds of manure a day, over eight tons a year, we’ve learned that an effective horse farm owner needs a dumpster in Leominster, MA almost year round.

Having developed many close relationships with our customers who own horse farms, we’re proud sponsors of the Bear Spot Music Festival, Oak Rise Shows, and the Middlesex 4H Fairs. While these events don’t take place in Leominster, they do remind us how important it is for any horse farm owner to invest in trash removal in Leominster, MA. These events, and others like them, clearly exemplify the many reasons why horse manure removal is an essential part of being a horse farm owner. Having horse manure left unattended around your farm can have many negative effects.

An image showing a horse at a horse farm.

Why You Need to Professionally Rid Yourself of Horse Manure

When horse manure is left around the farm, horses that graze near it put themselves in danger by being exposed to the larva that hatches from worm eggs. This can put the horses’ health at serious risk and negatively affect the overall health of your horse farm as well. If your horse farm doesn’t have a dumpster in Leominster, MA, the possibilities of adverse effects from horse manure will eventually put quite a strain on your farm, no matter its size. The extraneous liquid that leaks from horse manure piles can cause severe surface water contamination problems. This could actually come with serious legal consequences or violate acts put forth by the EPA. Then, there’s the plain fact that horse manure stinks and attracts flies and other insects that will soon become more than a mere nuisance. And at Mitrano Removal, aside from removing horse manure, we make sure that it is recycled properly and reused as compost or fertilizer.

If you’re interested in a dumpster in Leominster, MA, contact us at: (978)-425-6181