At Mitrano Removal, we are a fully licensed Demolition Contractor with extensive experience. Since 1992, we’ve provided demolition work for areas all around Massachusetts, so have the knowledge and professional customer service required to effectively collaborate with you to meet your demolition needs. Not only are we fully capable of demolishing any structure you have in mind, we also take care of the clean up associated with demolition projects. Say you have a demolition project in mind in Concord, MA and have made the wise decision to work with us; we can provide the right dumpster in Concord, MA to collect all the debris produced by demolition projects.

It’s safe to say that we truly are a full service demolition and trash removal business steeped in all aspects of any demolition project. Not only can we professionally handle your demolition needs, but we also specialize in trash removal in Concord, MA. After a demolition project, a great deal of debris and trash are produced and need to be removed effectively. This is why we supply various sizes of open top containers as well dumpsters that we can haul away for you. Depending on the scale of you demolition project, we offer 10, 15, 30, and 40 yard open top containers for your convenience.

Your All Around Demolition Specialists

An image showing a 40 yard open container.

And once you’ve decided how to go about your demolition project, you won’t have to worry about the required trash removal in Concord, MA because we can easily take care of the mess for you. We also work with the proper and most reputable recycling facilities available to make sure that every bit of debris produced by a demolition project that can be recycled, will be. We’ve seen debris from demolition projects recycled for use in new construction projects and even for use in highway construction and maintenance jobs.

If you’re interested in demolition or trash removal in Concord, MA, contact us at: 978-425-6181