At Mitrano Removal, we are a full service demolition contractor with over twenty years of experience. Since our inception in 1992, we’ve not only provided trash removal in Leominster, MA during demolition projects, but we’ve professionally and responsibly recycled all left over materials than can be recycled. We work with the best recycling facilities in Leominster, MA to recycle the large amounts of inorganic matter left over from a demolition project. When we take on a demolition project, we use our own dumpster in Leominster, MA and even bring the organic material left over to our own recycling facility to ensure that the recycling process is done in an effective and environmentally friendly way.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has created and enforced disposal bans on many of the materials left over from a demolition project so not only is recycling left over debris ethically responsible, but legally as well. This is one of the many reasons we handle the necessary job of trash removal in Leominster, MA in a way that complies with the MassDEP’s guidelines concerning waste disposal.

The Many Benefits of Recycling

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Recycling left over debris from a demolition job is also financially beneficial, good for the planet, conserves valuable resources, creates new jobs, and even reduces the pollution generated when companies produce new products at large factories, lumber yards, or mills. Instead of producing new products from scratch, recycling used materials is extremely effective; and trash removal in Leominster, MA, provides a great deal of reusable materials.

Asphalt pavement and shingles are easily reused to mix new asphalt or can be used as a road base while recycled concrete can be used many times over. Also, the wood from a demolition project can be processed to use as landscape mulch, particleboard, and even as fuel at biomass plants. Metals can be easily recycled and used to manufacture new metal products while gypsum wallboard can be processed and used as new wallboard or as a landscaping product that is much like lime. And, of course, tiles left over from a demolition project can easily be recycled and reused as new tile.

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