At Mitrano Removal, we’ve lead the recycling pack since our inception in 1992. We’ve provided trash removal in Westford, MA for over two decades, so know firsthand exactly how to professionally and effectively recycle debris left over from construction and demolition jobs. As a fully licensed demolition contractor, Mitrano Removal has overseen the demolition of hundreds of structures and has collected recyclable material using our own dumpster in Westford, MA too many times to count.

While we specialize in demolition projects and providing trash removal in Westford, MA, what is at the forefront of our business ethic is the responsible recycling of as much material as possible. Our emphasis on recycling is the at the foundation of all the services we provide at Mitrano Removal. Apart from demolition projects, trash removal, and providing dumpsters for both residential and commercial use, we also work closely with horse farms in Westford, MA. It’s no secret that horse farms produce a great deal of waste; the majority of it being horse manure.

The Importance of Manure Recycling

Grassland after fertilizing with manure injector machineMany of the horse farms we work with opt to have one of our dumpsters remain on their property to collect manure. When a dumpster in Westford, MA is full of horse manure, we professionally make sure that the proper disposal of that manure is taken care of. Proper trash removal in Westford, MA and the responsible recycling of horse manure are both key elements in keeping our environment safer and cleaner. If not properly handled, manure can seep its way into our waterways and nearby soil; polluting them with a variety of untreated bacteria and nutrients.

This only serves to denigrate the overall health of our natural environment while also wasting what could be a valuable material for the healthy fertilization of new crops. When manure is allowed to decompose properly, it can become a source of nutrient and mineral rich soil to be used for growing a variety of beneficial crops. Letting us provide you with a dumpster in Westford, MA will let you rest easy knowing that the manure produced by your horses will be appropriately recycled and reused.

If you’re interested in manure or trash removal in Westford, MA, contact us at: 978-425-6181