Green grassNo matter the size of your horse farm, you simply can’t control the amount of manure that your horses produce. In order to successfully manage your farm’s manure production, you’ll need professional trash removal in Townsend, MA. And, at Mitrano Removal, we’ve been helping horse and farm owners handle their manure disposal needs since 1992, so we have the knowledge and experience required to effectively remove your horse manure for you.

Responsible manure management is essential for the health of your family and your horses, for avoiding problems with your neighbors, and to comply with state and county regulations. Horse owners have an obligation to seek out means of effective trash removal in Townsend, MA. The average 1,000 lbs. horse can produce 9 tons of manure a year; or 50 lbs. a day, so letting Mitrano Removal take care of your horse manure needs is an essential service that every responsible horse owner should take advantage of.

The Negative Effects of Horse Manure

Horse manure can negatively affect our environment if left unchecked. It can spread bacteria and nutrients that pollute local groundwater if not properly removed. If not recycled, manure can take up valuable space at a landfill while also wasting natural resources. Manure is a valuable commodity because it is full of nutrients that can be returned to the soil when recycled properly. Horse manure is often reused as a natural fertilizer for lawns, pasture, landscaping, gardens, and crops.

Letting Mitrano Removal handle your horse farm’s trash removal in Townsend, MA ensures that the manure your horses produce is properly recycled and reused in environmentally friendly ways. Regularly getting rid of your horse manure will also help keep your horses healthy. If left alone, horse manure can become a breeding ground for parasites and stable flies. Horse parasites form in manure and become infective larvae that spread into pasture vegetation. If a horse feeds off contaminated feed, grass, or water, parasites can cause irrevocable internal damage to the horse. Responsible horse manure removal is an essential part of being a horse owner, and Mitrano Removal can professionally and efficiently make sure that it is done right.

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