Trash removal in Concord MA from MitranoSo you finally decided to break down and remodel the bathroom. Now you need a way to dispose of the large pile of rubbish that you know is hiding in that little room. Mitrano Removal Service has the container you need for trash removal in Concord, MA. Our open containers range from 10 to 40 cubic yards and are perfect for your remodeling needs. Our 15 yard container is typically the most ideal option for a bathroom job.

Once you call to reserve a container, our friendly staff will schedule a time to have it delivered. When we arrive we will make sure that it is placed in a space that is most convenient for you. As soon as your project is completed, we will return to remove the container and all of the debris inside.

When we leave you, your trash is taken to a variety of recycling facilities so the contents can be sorted and recycled properly. We at Mitrano Removal Service pride ourselves on this aspect of our services because we care for the environment and want to do our part to keep it safe. Recycling everything from wooden cabinets to ceramic sinks, we make sure it’s handled correctly.

Trash removal in Concord, MA is made easy with the help of Mitrano Removal Service. Call us today at 978-425-6181 to discuss reserving a container for your next bathroom remodel. As the kings of removal and recycling, you can trust us with your old porcelain throne.