Dumpster in Westford MA from Mitrano RemovalThe search is over for horse farm owners! Mitrano Removal Service can offer you a dumpster in Westford, MA. We will deliver a container to your farm and place it in the most convenient space for you to dispose of your horse manure. With a variety of dumpsters ranging in sizes, we can guarantee that we will have something for your farm needs.

Whether you have just a few horses or a few dozen horses, we have the manure removal program for you. Most of our current horse farm customers like to keep a dumpster on their property permanently. We work with them to schedule convenient times for us to pick up their dumpster in Westford, MA.

We offer regular, bi-annual and quarterly services to empty your dumpster, as some farms would rather wait to have their manure disposed of. Some other farms would prefer to not schedule a pick-up date and instead would rather call us each time they want to empty their dumpster. The choice is entirely yours.

Once the manure is removed from your horse farm, we take it to an organic recycling facility that processes the manure and recycles it so it can be reused safely. Most of what lands in your dumpster can be recycled and we make sure that it is. You can trust Mitrano Removal Service to handle everything regarding your dumpster in Westford, MA.

Call Mitrano Removal Service to discuss a temporary or permanent dumpster at your horse farm today. We can be reached at 978-425-6181.