Trash removal in Harvard MA from MitranoAre you remodeling your kitchen this fall? While most of the focus is on all of the new appliances, cabinetry and flooring that you will be installing, you can’t forget to think about the old ones. Trash bags just won’t cut it for this kind of job. That’s where Mitrano Removal Service comes in. Mitrano’s has a variety of services for trash removal in Harvard, MA.

Mitrano Removal Service has open top containers that range from 10 yards to 40 yards. A kitchen remodel would probably require a 10 or 15 yard container. Those containers will fit in a space about the size of a single parking spot. We will deliver your container and return to remove it, along with all of the trash it contains. With options like these, any job can be an easy job!

Since 1992 Mitrano Removal Service has been focused on recycling. We do everything we can to help the environment as much as we help you. That’s why we utilize recycling services to make sure that all of your rubbish is properly sorted and disposed of. Recycling at a few different centers helps Mitrano Removal Service to ensure you that your materials are being recycled in the most efficient way possible. From floor tiles to ceramics, we can haul it all!

If you need trash removal in Harvard, MA make sure you call Mitrano Removal Service. To request our services or for an estimate call us at 978-425-6113.