Dumpster in Concord MA from MitranoIf you own a horse farm in Concord, then you’re most likely well aware of what a useful commodity horse manure is. You probably also know that you need a dumpster in Concord, MA just to keep your farm clean because of the large amount of manure that horses produce. A single horse can produce 50 lbs. of manure in just one day. That’s well over eight tons a year! And all of that manure has to be gotten rid of somehow. This is where Mitrano Removal comes in.

We’ve helped facilitate the responsible removal of horse manure since our inception back in 1992 for a long list of satisfied customers. When there’s enough horse manure to need a dumpster in Concord, MA just to remove it, we’re there. Not only do we help to rid your horse farm of manure, waste, and debris, but we also make sure that any of your waste that’s recyclable, gets recycled. So you can rest easy with the knowledge that your waste isn’t just taking up space in some landfill, but that it’s being reused for a new purpose.

No matter how many horses you own, we can work with you to design a pick up schedule that suits your unique needs and budget. And, because we believe that informed customers are happy customers, we’d like to share a few reasons why keeping your farm clean is important with you now.

  • Reduces possibility of parasite infestation.
  • Reduces fly populations.
  • Obviously reduces the amount of manure you’ve piled up.
  • Reduces the possibility of manure contaminating nearby soil and water.
  • When reused, horse manure can be used as a free source of compost.
  • It makes your farm more aesthetically pleasing.

When it’s time for you to manage your horse farm’s manure buildup, trust in Mitrano Removal to be there when you need us!

If you’re interested in a dumpster in Concord, MA, contact us at: 978-425-6181