recyling-massachusettsThis is a question that comes up often when we talk about our recycling services. Since 1992 we’ve been committed to recycling a broad range of residential, commercial, and industrial materials to help our customers reduce the amount of waste products they dispose of and divert it to recycling instead.

In fact, Mitrano Removal Service offers an easy-to-understand single stream recycling program that enables glass, paper, cardboard, magazines and plastic to be combined in a single recycling dumpster. This convenient recycling program makes it even easier to recycle consumer waste products – if it’s recyclable, simply throw it into one container – no need to separate and bundle recyclable materials.

It’s been proven that single-stream recycling has helped significantly increase recycling across the country. In 1990 – two years before we opened our doors – the US recycled about 33 million tons and 16 percent of our solid waste. A little over ten years later, the EPA reported that recycling had skyrocketed to 87 million tons – 2.5X greater than just a decade earlier. Over twice as much of the waste stream was being diverted to recycling than previously reported, with over 60% of Americans being able to use curbside recycling. A lot of this can be attributed to single-stream recycling programs and the added convenience of improved recycling programs today. Some experts claim that, on average, at least 50 percent more recyclables are being collected and processed through single-stream community recycling.

The downside, if there is one, to single-stream recycling is that it also produces an increased amount of residuals – another word for trash – that get mistakenly put in with the recyclables. It’s Mitrano Removal Services policy to transport whenever possible remaining trash to a beneficial-use/waste-to-energy facility.