horse containerHorse manure recycling is an ideal way to dispose of a natural by-product that most people really don’t want to have to deal with.  Whether you have just one horse or several, horse manure is a fact of life. It can be effectively utilized and recycled.

There are three basic ways of dealing with horse manure – you can have it hauled away by a manure removal service such as Mitrano Removal Service, collect and spread it immediately as a fertilizer or compost it.

Manure is considered one of nature’s best fertilizers. High in nitrogen, organic material, and trace minerals, it’s great for growing greener, healthier pastures and fields. One strategy is to simply load it directly into a manure spreader when cleaning out stalls and spread it on half of your pasturing land after moving your animals. This way, it has time to naturally work its way into the soil as it breaks down under the effects of sun and rain. Once it’s naturally incorporated into the pasture, move your horse back and repeat the process on the other half.

If that is inconvenient or doesn’t appeal to you, you can also store it in a compost pile where it can decompose naturally into a dark, not unpleasant-smelling organic soil that makes the perfect garden fertilizer.

Prefer to let someone else deal with horse manure recycling? Then an experienced horse manure removal service such as Mitrano Removal can provide you with a manure removal program to suit your specific needs. Many customers prefer to keep a manure recycling container permanently on their property, with a regularly scheduled pickup to remove the manure as a container fills up; other prefer an “on-call” arrangement that handles removal on an as-needed basis. In either case, removal and recycle experts such as the professionals at Mitrano Removal can safely and efficiently remove and recycle horse manure to minimize its environmental impact.