Benefits of large trash compactorsThe benefits of large trash compactors may not be readily apparent to some people, but large compactors, such as commercial and industrial compactors, offer some significant advantages and savings over smaller trash compactors or, worse, no trash compacting at all. When we talk about large trash compactors, we’re talking about units that are capable of handling waste from restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and other businesses. These units might generally reduce trash at a 15:1 ratio, dramatically reducing waste volume and cutting waste-hauling costs by as much as 50 percent.

For businesses or organizations that use a large amount of cardboard or paper products in the course of their activities, the use of a large trash compactor can help them recycle more efficiently. For example, some large trash compactors can product 100 pound cardboard bales – imagine what the reduction in volume of cardboard that is – paper product that might ordinarily be thrown away because it takes up too much room to store and bundle by hand for recycling.

Speaking of baling, large trash compactors work essentially as industrial balers and are typically used to process non-recyclable waste. The trash is loaded into an input chamber and subjected to enormous pressure by a pneumatic or hydraulic press which not only reduces the trash in volume, but processes it into easily-handled cubes for easier disposal. That makes it significantly less expensive to haul away because it requires fewer visits by a trash disposal contractor and those trips can often haul more waste per truckload because of the convenient shape of the compacted trash. If your company or organization generates a considerable amount of trash on a regular basis, you can reduce your costs even further by opting for a compactor that features an automatic loading facility.

Large trash compactors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and models to suit virtually every retail, commercial, and industrial need. There are even large trash compactors designed to prevent leaks, odors and rodent access, making them ideal for restaurants and food processing facilities. Large trash compactors can be used for a wide variety of waste materials, ranging from soft organics to hard metals and plastics.