Selling Your Home? Time to Clean Out! While selling your home can be a trying experience, it can also be a liberating one – it’s the perfect time to get rid of all the old clutter and junk in your garage, basement, and or attic.

However, a serious house-cleaning needs more than garbage bags and cans. It’s time to get a dumpster. “Isn’t that expensive?” Some people might ask, but the surprising answer is “not necessarily.” Many towns and municipalities have strict waste disposal regulations that don’t allow homeowners to get rid of trash and waste easily or inexpensively. As a result, many people may waste time and money figuring out what can get picked up, what they have to pay someone to haul away, and what fines they have to pay because they unintentionally disposed of something illegally. Renting a roll-off dumpster for a day or two can often pay for itself in the time, money, and hassle it saves because you can simply put almost everything in it, often in one load.

Here are three great reasons why a dumpster is a perfect solution for home clean-outs:

  1. Many communities have a limited number of trash bags they will pick up.

Even if everything you’re throwing out is acceptable for town or city trash pick-up, most homeowners don’t have the time or energy to collect and toss out small amounts of trash every week, for weeks or even months at a time. If you’re selling your home and getting ready to move, rent a dumpster and clean out your house completely in one weekend.

  1. A dumpster makes short work of major yard clean-ups

Savvy home sellers take some time to spruce up their homes, inside and out. If your lawn and gardens need some attention to make your property more attractive to buyers, a dumpster enables you to mow, trim, prune, uproot and toss out any organic yard waste without wasting time, money, or effort buying, filling, and lugging leaf bags, bundling branches and dismembering trees. If you can pick it up, you can toss it into a dumpster and let yard waste professionals like the experts at Mitrano Waste Removal deal with the rest.

  1. Renovation and remodeling waste can’t go into city trash collections, but they can go into a dumpster.

Much of the debris generated from home remodeling, prior to putting a house on the market can’t be disposed of through your regular trash pick-up. Even communities that periodically offer bulk trash pickup can charge hefty fees, depending on what you’re discarding. Not to mention you often have to call weeks in advance to schedule a pick-up.

A dumpster solves that problem; building materials can be tossed into a dumpster for safe and proper disposal by professionals. So go ahead and tear out your old countertops and stained carpeting. Turn your old home into a showpiece that will sell quickly. A dumpster can easily make it all possible.