Trash Compactors in MassachusettsCommercial trash compactors make a lot of sense – and savings – for companies large and small. There are a number of tangible and intangible benefits to utilizing a commercial trash compactor. Let’s take a look at the most significant ones:

Reduced operational costs
A commercial trash compactor, as its name implies, compacts trash. That means a good trash compactor can substantially reduce the size and volume of waste generated by a business. Trash minimization yields a number of benefits including less time and cost hauling and dumping non-compacted trash, less containers and bags to purchase and maintain, and lower waste removal costs.

Increased safety
Traditional waste disposal often results in messy, smelly piles of trash that can attract disease-carrying vermin and cause employee and general public safety hazards such as wet or greasy potential slip-and-fall areas. A commercial trash compactor helps ensure your business meets state and local safety regulations by removing unsightly and unhealthy trash piles. Commercial trash compactors also help businesses avoid potentially expensive law suits and code violation fines by removing and managing waste materials that could cause illnesses or injuries resulting in lawsuits.

Increased employee efficiency
A commercial trash compactor eliminates the need for employees to constantly check trash cans and replace garbage bags. Commercial trash compactors make waste management easy and efficient with minimal employee operational skills.

Enhanced business image
Your customers or clients – not to mention the general public – likes a neat and clean place of business. Commercial trash compactors eliminates unsightly garbage cans and piles and helps ensure a tidy place of business. Today’s environmentally-conscious consumer also appreciates a business that minimizes the size and volume of trash as well as its environmental impact. An even greater benefit may be the availability of government tax incentives and rebates for eco-friendly business strategies.

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