Open top containersOpen top containers are large, roll-off waste removal containers designed for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial uses which require a large top opening for accepting big, bulky waste items such as tree stumps, construction debris, and other awkward materials that are more easily disposed in a container, as well as everyday trash.

At Mitrano Removal Service, we offer four popular sizes of open top waste containers to suit every need and project site — from tight residential properties to wide open construction and business sites.

Here are some of the best uses for various-size open top containers – pick the one that best fits your project type and size:

10-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 10’x8’x3.5’)
Best-suited for smaller projects with limited parking or available space, such as home clean-outs including garages, basements, and attics. 10-yard containers are a good size for smaller construction projects and general spring clean-ups as well. Replacing a roof? A 10-yard open top container is ideal for most shingle removal jobs; also good for metal framing and broken-up concrete and other masonry from old patio and sidewalk removal projects; also manure and general yard waste.

15-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 12’x8’x4.5’)
Slightly larger than the 10-yard, the 15-yard open top container is well-suited to similar, but larger residential jobs – bath and kitchen remodeling, for example. More expansive property clean-ups, including general real estate sale clean-outs and yard/garden clean-ups. As with the 10-yard open top container, the 15-yard is ideal for handling most roofing, masonry, and renovation projects for slightly larger homes; also manure and general yard waste.

30-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 20’x8’x5’)
Eight feet longer than the next smaller size, the 30-yard open top container is well-suited to the largest residential construction and home improvement projects, from demolition to new construction and whole-home clean-outs. It’s perfect for commercial projects; as with the other containers, also manure and general yard waste.

40-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 22’x8’x6.5’)
These mammoth containers are better suited for large-scale construction, commercial and industrial projects such as demolition of homes and buildings, business clean-outs, and store renovations. Call for more information and availability.