Horse Farm Manure Removal MAAs every horse owner knows, a major “by-product” of horses is horse manure. Fortunately, horse manure has some natural benefits that make it worthwhile to process and utilize it, whether you, as the owner, do it yourself or work with a recycling company such as Mitrano to handle it in a proper, safe, efficient and effective manner.

There are three fundamental and useful ways to dispose of horse manure:

  • Collect and spread it immediately
  • Compost it
  • Hire a manure removal service

If you own your own pasture area and have some basic farm equipment such as a tractor and a manure spreader (or decide you’d like to buy one), then it’s a relatively simple process to collect the manure from the stalls, load it into the spreader and spread it over half your pasturing land. Let the sun and rain work its magic and, presto, you’ve just easily and inexpensively fertilized part of your pasture. Once the manure has broken down into the soil, you can move your horses to that half of the pasture and repeat the process on the unfertilized half.

If you happen to have an overabundance of manure, composting is an ideal way to stockpile it for the future. Manure decomposes naturally into a dark, not unpleasant-smelling organic soil that makes the perfect garden fertilizer. In fact, composting offers a number of benefits:

Fewer flies properly composted, manure naturally reaches temperatures that effectively kill fly eggs and larvae, so you have fewer pesky flies with composted manure.

Less smell and bulk Believe it or not, composted manure creates significantly less odor and as it composts it loses moisture and reduces in volume.

Still not interested in dealing with horse manure yourself? Then an experienced horse manure removal service such as Mitrano Removal can provide you with a manure removal program to suit your specific needs. Many customers prefer to keep a manure recycling container permanently on their property, with a regularly scheduled pickup to remove the manure as a container fills up; other prefer an “on-call” arrangement that handles removal on an as-needed basis. In either case, removal and recycle experts such as the professionals at Mitrano Removal can safely and efficiently remove and recycle horse manure to minimize its environmental impact.