Let us help you manage your yard wasteYard waste, such as grass clippings, leaves and branches, is a valuable resource that can add nutrients back into your yard or be recycled into compost. Yard waste includes a variety of organic material such as brush, garden debris, grass clippings, leaves, sod, logs, trees and stumps, both indoor and outdoor plants, mulch and wood chips – even Christmas trees.

This kind of organic yard waste accounts for a significant portion of the waste that used to end up in Central Massachusetts landfills each year. Over the years, more residential neighborhoods and households were producing more yard waste and the massive quantities of organic material became too much for city and town garbage collection systems to handle.

In the past, disposal of yard waste was not highly regulated, but today organic yard waste is no longer allowed in most landfills because it can break down into bio-gasses such as methane, which is a significant greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if it’s not captured and utilized. Yard waste also contains a lot of moisture, which hinders burning, and while it is biodegradable, a landfill does not get the oxygen and water needed for organic yard waste to breakdown because landfills are constructed to prevent the movement of air and moisture sand protect the environment. As a result, most yard waste is no longer accepted by landfills.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative – the yard waste specialists at Mitrano Removal Service can help you effectively manage your yard waste. If you’ve got a lot of clippings, trimmings, garden cleanup material, and cut trees or brush cluttering up your property, we can collect and properly compost or recycle all of your organic yard waste.

At Mitrano, we understand all the state and local regulations that can affect the disposal of your yard waste and have ways to turn it into usable byproducts such as mulch, fuel, and other valuable commodities that can help reduce overall waste volumes while reducing pollution and other environmental damage.

The Mitrano Removal Service team are the yard waste disposal professionals with years of yard waste management experience. We can help you get rid of the yard waste you generate by approved methods such as organic waste removal and composting and the reuse of waste materials as mulch for lawns and gardens where possible. All of these methods recycle your yard waste back into the land instead of adding to the burden of local waste management facilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our organic yard waste disposal management services.