In September of 1992, Matt was looking for a change in life. As most men in their young twenties, he was unsure of what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. One day, a friend told him about someone who had started a rubbish business that eventually became quite successful. That day, Matt started researching on how to start a company, and shortly thereafter, he put an add in a local newspaper to spread the word. His success wasn’t immediate however, it took about three and a half years before Matt could quit his other part time jobs, and support himself solely with his own business.

As he traveled from driveway to driveway with just a pickup truck and his hands, never did Matt Mitrano, creator of Mitrano Removal Service LLC, think his small company would be thriving twenty five years later. The company has grown substantially in size, now with twenty vehicles on the road, over a thousand dumpsters in service, and seventeen employees. In addition, Mitrano Removal has grown from curbside trash service, to providing dumpsters for various projects, big and small, recycling services, and horse manure and organic material removal.

As an entrepreneur, Matt explains that he has been forced to learn all aspects of running a business. This has given him the opportunity to to be involved in mechanics, banking, advertisement, equipment purchasing, customer relations, employee relations, etc. While most people have a career that covers a specific aspect of a business, he has been fortunate enough to learn every supporting factor. He goes to work everyday and is able to relate to all of his employees because, at one point, Matt was doing their job too. He expresses that the employees are his favorite part of going to work. All seventeen employees “take pride in what they do and make this company what it is,” which is a very satisfying feeling.

It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence for this family owned company to get where it is today. Matt explains that at the age of twenty-five, he just woke up everyday, put on his boots, and went to work. Unbeknownst to what the future was going to hold, it is safe to say that Matt is glad he did.