In today’s equine business, we are aware of the challenges of disposing manure, aged bedding, hay, etc. That’s why Mitrano Removal works to provide both large and small horse farms with a manure removal program that suits the needs of each individual farm. Most farm owners prefer to keep a container at his or her facility on a permanent basis, while others choose to stockpile the materials and request pile removal when needed. No matter the option, our staff has the ability to safely remove piles in an economical and environmentally sound manner to decrease the impact of built up material on your horse farm. From here, the material is taken to Mitrano’s own recycling facility, where it is broken down, processed, and made into mulch that is safe, organic, and beneficial for all your landscaping and planting needs. Whether you have one horse or one hundred horses, we can help save time and money by being a reliable resource for your farm management needs, while also reusing the materials to reduce waste and help the environment.