Stepping into the offices at Mitrano Removal Service LLC, you are greeted with the ringing of phones, and warm smiles from all of the employees. Each of the employees hold a different position, but they all have one thing in common: they value working as a team.

Karen is the Office Operations Administrator, while Tina is the Administrative Assistant. They work on a variety of tasks, including answering calls, providing business reports and doing daily billing. Interacting with customers, as well as people they work with, is their favorite part about working at Mitrano Removal. Over their time here, they have noticed an increase in technology in the office, which has made for more efficient customer service, and keeps Mitrano Removal Service “moving in the right direction.”

Michelle holds the position of Sales and Marketing Assistant. During an average day, she oversees social media, works prospects and leads, and supports the sales manager. She likes working at Mitrano Removal because every day she learns something new. She explains that she is a “big environmentalist, and to be part of a green community” is very important to her. Mitrano Removal allows her to work for something she believes in, without even thinking about it.

Patty, Office Manager at Mitrano Removal, has been working for the company for five years now. On a typical day, Patty could be doing anything from paying bills to performing sales and marketing tasks. She explains that even though her assigned tasks are similar everyday, the work day in general is always different. The atmosphere of the office makes it enjoyable for her to come to work every day. Over the years, Patty has seen Mitrano Removal grow in all different aspects, There are now more employees, more vehicles, more services, and yet, Mitrano Removal is able to maintain the same reliable customer service and organized structure that it did as a smaller company. Patty expresses that she “loved this job when [she] first started five years ago, and [she] loves it even more today.”

An office filled with cooperative, reliable, and hardworking employees who love their jobs, is one of the reasons Mitrano Removal Service runs smoothly every single day.