Demolition MADemolition, done right, is a safe and effective method for dismantling a structure, but it takes more than just two guys and a truck who like to destroy things.

All things built are meant to come down some day, whether because they are no longer needed or they’re unsafe. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes residential homes and buildings, as well as commercial structures.

When a building has been deemed unsafe or needs to be removed to make way for some other structure, it’s time to call in building demolition experts with the expertise, experience and proper equipment to carry out the demolition project safely, efficiently, and effectively.  That means hiring a qualified and reputable company to do the job like Mitrano Removal Services.

As demolition professionals with an outstanding safety record, we have a proven, multi-step demolition process that includes:

Project Assessment

There are many different factors and elements involved in a demolition project and often several different ways to go about it. It starts with a thorough and proper assessment of your specific needs so a demolition plan can be customized for your particular project.

Creating a Plan

Once your needs are determined, we begin creating a demolition plan. The plan includes how the demolition is to be carried out and the specific equipment required to do it. The ultimate goal is to demolish the building in the safest and most efficient way possible while staying within budget.  These decisions will depend on things such as building size, building materials, the reason for demolition and building location.

Some of the demolition methods we carefully consider include:

  • Implosion
  • Deconstruction
  • Selective Demolition
  • Traditional excavator with grapple or claw-and-thumb

Once the primary plan has been outlined, back-up plans and emergency plans will also be developed as part of the overall demolition plan.


No building can be demolished without the proper permits. Removing any building from a site will alter the landscape and can even alter property values and property taxes in the area.

After the plan has been discussed and finalized, Mitrano will obtain any and all necessary permits to ensure the project is safe and within the boundaries of the law.

Site Preparation

Regardless of building size — a small house or a large office building — site preparation is an important factor.

The building must be completely cleaned out; all utilities such as gas, water, and electricity must be shut off and secured; any hazardous materials must be properly addressed; and any recyclable materials must be removed.

Plan Execution

After the demolition project has been comprehensively planned, the legal aspects addressed and the site is ready, the demolition is scheduled and carried out. The coordination, timing, and expertise that goes into proper demolition can be awe-inspiring – who doesn’t like to watch those slow-motion videos of buildings being demolished?

Of course, the demolition project doesn’t end when the building is down – there’s thorough and proper debris removal that must be done and close attention paid to the site in general to ensure it is safe and secure. At Mitrano, we take the ENTIRE demolition project seriously – it’s not just about “blowing things up or knocking things down.”

To learn more about our expert demolition services, contact the demo pros at Mitrano Removal Service.