Most people think that being a driver at Mitrano Removal Service is an easy job. You pick up a container, you drop it off, and you repeat these actions for the rest of the day. Well, that’s not the case at all.

Mike Marshall is one of Mitrano Removal longest employees. He started working for the company nineteen years ago. He still drives, but now he also interacts with customers, and is Matt’s right hand man when it comes to organizing and managing all of the Mitrano drivers. Tony Zeissig is also a longterm employee of Mitrano Removal. He starts his day at five in the morning, and follows his scheduled route to empty front load containers. Tony works with both trash and recycling, and when others need help, he assists in roll-off services. Both drivers enjoy their days on the road, but what they love most is getting back to the garage to talk about their days with their fellow employees.

Over the years, Mike and Tony have both noticed obvious changes in the company in terms of size. There are now more employees, as well as more vehicles. However, they have noticed that with this change, Mitrano Removal Service has kept the same small business feel it started with in 1992.