It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in business for over twenty-five years, but some simple arithmetic tells us that if we opened our doors in 1992, then we’ve been providing central New England with top quality waste removal service for over a quarter century!

What’s gotten us to this point, where we’ve gained a sterling reputation as the area’s leading solid waste and recycling company? It’s the team behind the name – the people who work hard every day to keep our customers happy while helping to improve the environment by safely and properly disposing of a wide range of residential and commercial waste and recyclable materials.

Let’s introduce the team, starting with the front office:

Matt Mitrano, Owner/President
Of course, he’s the guy behind the name, but there’s more to it than that. Matt’s got the in-depth expertise and experience to handle virtually any solid waste challenge you can throw at him. There’s very few solid waste disposal issues he hasn’t dealt with at some point in his career.

While there’s no shortage of guys with a pick-up or dump truck willing to haul away your trash for cash, it can be hard to determine exactly where your waste materials go and if it’s being disposed of properly. Matt Mitrano is staking his name and reputation on providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective waste removal services that are in compliance with all local, state, and federal waste disposal and recycling regulations. You can rest assured that your waste is handled properly to ensure our communities stay clean and beautiful.

Mike MarshallMike Marshall, Operations Manager
Mike has been with Mitrano Removal Service from almost the very beginning. What he lacked in experience early on he more than made up for with enthusiasm and pride in doing the best job possible. Today, with all the experience he’s gained, Mike’s responsible for helping run operations. It’s a tall job, but his dedication and hard work are more than a match for whatever gets thrown his way every day.

Randy Bissell, Sales Manager
Randy’s been involved with the trash and recycling industry in various roles for almost three decades, working for larger firms in the management and purchasing side of things for a number of years. Today, Randy is our sales manager – well-versed in every aspect of container rental, account management, waste removal and recycling contracts, and just about anything our customers need to buy, rent, or have serviced related to waste removal and recycling.

Our office team goes to bat for us every day.

We cannot over-emphasize how important our office staff is – nothing would happen without their able assistance, day in and day out. Office Manager Patty Dee, Billing and Office Operations director Karen Rau, and Administrative Assistant Tina Allen, as well as, Sales and Marketing Assistant Michelle Zuccaro, all ensure our customers are happy with every aspect of our customer service, including fleet dispatching and tracking, timely and accurate billing, and company communications.

Our drivers keep things moving.

Needless to say, our drivers are the guys who keep us moving every day – from pick-ups and deliveries to recycling runs and container servicing. Hats off to Tony Zeissig, Steven “Steve-o” Henry, Rich Gibson, Mike “Cronin” Lidell, and Chris Godfrey.True professionals, every one of them, who have earned the respect and admiration of our customers and the rest of us here at Mitrano.

These are all the people who earn our reputation every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. From the office staff keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes, to the drivers heading out to service customers every day. Without all of them, Mitrano Removal Service would not be the company that it is, enjoying the outstanding reputation it has.