picture of a recycling bin filled with a variety of recyclable materialsRecycling certainly isn’t new,  but in the past it was a challenge to get people to recycle because of the tiresome separating it required – one bin for paper, another for cans, still another for glass, and a fourth for plastics. No wonder so many people threw up their hands and threw out their recyclables.

But today, single stream recycling is the norm in most communities and the recycling picture is changing considerably. Single stream recycling is the practice of placing all recyclables in one bin, regardless of material, and leaving them to be sorted by the recycling facility. Not only does it save time for homeowners, but many residents are choosing to recycle more products because recycling has become as convenient as simply throwing things out.

Here are some of the many advantages single stream recycling offers:

Greater participation As we mentioned, many people used to steer clear of recycling because of the inconvenience and the fear that they’d make a mistake in sorting recyclables into multiple bins and having to follow numerous instructions. The more recycling options, the more likely people are to turn to the trashcan instead. Single stream recycling successfully eliminates this issue. Instead of stressing about whether you placed the right piece of trash in the right recycling bin, you can put everything in one place.

With new recycling facility technology, the process of sorting through various materials is relatively simple. Regardless, it is more important for more materials to go through recycling, even if it takes a little extra time to sort through the items.

Single stream takes up less space Let’s face it, residents are almost always tight on space and having to accommodate multiple recycling bins certainly doesn’t help. With single stream recycling, participants need only one bin now, which makes the practice a whole lot more convenient and attractive.

It costs municipalities less Instead of investing in complex, multi-compartment trucks, communities can purchase single-compartment vehicles to collect recycling. This cost-saving perk makes single stream recycling the most popular option for many areas. Like all recycling, costs for future waste disposal are also automatically reduced when more residents choose to recycle. The combination of these factors creates a perfect scenario for efficient recycling.

It’s good for the environment Who doesn’t like to be environmentally-friendly when given the chance? Single stream recycling is still recycling, even though you’re throwing all your recyclables into one bin, similar to throwing trash away. But instead of having all your waste materials getting buried in an ever-expanding landfill or being burned in an incinerator, they’re going to a recycling facility where they’ll be sorted, reprocessed, and reused. How sweet is that?

With more people participating in single stream recycling, more energy is conserved, more natural resources are preserved, and earth-unfriendly waste disposal is minimized. To learn more about single stream recycling or to start your own program, contact the recycling experts here at Mitrano Removal Services.