While it still technically may be Summer, the weather tells us otherwise. Hot, humid days are getting fewer and farther between. Days are getting shorter and temperatures a little cooler. Like it or not, Fall is right around the corner. And that means it’s the perfect time for a thorough Fall clean-out of your attic, basement, and garage.

Over the summer, you’ve probably accumulated a surprising amount of unwanted stuff – broken lawn and garden tools and equipment, junk brought back from vacation that’s no longer wanted or needed, old deck and patio furniture that has seen better days, a grill that no longer works. It’s amazing how many broken and worn-out things you can collect after a summer full of fun and activities.

The best way to deal with all that junk is to rent one of our open top containers, drag everything out, toss it in, and give us a call to come pick it up.

We can help you pick the right-sized open-top container to fit your household and fall clean-out project:

10-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 10’x8’x3.5’)

Best-suited for smaller projects with limited parking or available space, such as smaller home clean-outs including garages, basements, and attics. 10-yard containers are also a good size for smaller construction projects and general fall property clean-ups as well.

15-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 12’x8’x4.5’)

Slightly larger than the 10-yard, the 15-yard open top container is well-suited to similar, but larger residential jobs – more expansive property clean-ups, including general real estate sale clean-outs and yard/garden clean-ups to get your property ready for next year.

30-Yard Open Top Containers (approx. 20’x8’x5’)

Eight feet longer than the next smaller size, the 30-yard open top container is well-suited for the largest fall home improvement projects and whole-home clean-outs.

Autumn is here and soon we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors as the weather gets colder and nastier. Get your home – or business – ready with a comprehensive fall clean-out that will help you get your indoor space ready for winter and make room for all those holiday gifts!