picture of a truck unloading a open top containerWith winter just around the corner, many homeowners are thinking more about ice and snow than one last fall clean-up. Renting a residential-sized open-top container enables homeowners to quickly and easily take care of late season dead brush, tree limbs, and other organic waste materials that can clutter property, provide shelter for nuisance animals, and make spring clean-up more difficult and lengthy.

Solid waste containers also enable you to clean out basements, attics, garages, and barns to make room for winter storage and protect valuable tools, equipment, and outdoor furniture from winter weather damage. Late-season home repairs and improvements are made easier when repair and construction debris can just be tossed into a rental container for safe and proper disposable by the solid waste professionals here at Mitrano Removal Services.

Some people might say, “Why should I rent a solid waste container? Can’t I just burn a lot of the items that I’m cleaning up?” Well, yes and no. Burning a big pile of dead leaves is one thing, but a thorough fall clean-up will generate a variety of solid waste, much of which cannot be burned because it’s either green (as in lawn, tree, and shrub debris) or bad for the environment (as in burning pressure-treated lumber scraps, old furniture, and many other household items that may contain toxic materials). The best and easiest answer is to simply rent a cost-efficient open top or frontload container from Mitrano and let our experts worry about proper disposal of materials at either a licensed landfill or recycling center.

Now’s a great time to do a last-minute fall clean-up around your home or business with help from Mitrano Removal Service. Then, come winter, you can rest easy knowing you and your property are properly prepared to conquer the winter months.