The popular cable television series Game of Thrones may have made the quote “Winter is coming” famous, but here in New England we all know winter is already here. Snow has been falling early this season throughout central New England and that means several things – travel gets treacherous and waste removal can get tricky if the area around top-loading and front-loading waste containers are not keep free and clear of ice and snow.

To make things easier for you, the customer, as well as our trucks and drivers, please stay alert to changing weather conditions and be prepared to clean off your waste container; ensure that the closures operate properly and are not frozen shut; and shovel, blow, or plow the snow from in front of, and around, your container.

If it’s icy, please use either salt, sand, or a chemical ice treatment in the waste container area so that our trucks can safely approach and secure the container for emptying, and to keep our drivers safe from slip-and-fall injuries. Of course, all of this will also keep you and your employees safe from injury as well.

So this winter help us all by remembering to clear snow and ice from on and around your waste container. It’ll make your life – and ours – easier. Thank you!