Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can present an opportunity when it comes to recycling household debris. Honestly, most people don’t think of recycling waste material generated during remodeling. There are some materials that can be recycled, such as wood, copper wiring and other metals.

Homeowners who plan to undertake a do-it-yourself job should know the difference between waste and salvageable building materials. Modern waste and recycling regulations encourage communities, builders, and building owners to reduce waste and practice better recycling as first steps toward a more responsible building program. Homeowners may opt to manage the construction waste themselves or hire a professional service so that they can spend time on the remodeling project without worrying about managing construction debris.

The best thing you can do as a homeowner or contractor is keep separate piles, sorting as you go. This makes it easier to deal with and decreases the risk that you’ll end up in violation of one or more municipal or state regulations. This will end up saving you more in time, money, and headaches.

Here are some helpful remodeling debris material disposal suggestions for your next kitchen or bath remodeling project:

Plan ahead-Don’t just toss remodeling debris in a pile – sort it first into recyclable and waste materials. If you create an actionable plan, you’ll have less waste. And, that means less to dispose of in the first place.

Repurpose-There’s no need to throw out everything. Almost every project generates reusable and recyclable materials. Think about how you can repurpose materials to cut down on disposal and maybe even earn back some cash with valuable materials that can be resold, such as recyclable metals and even used appliances and fixtures.

Donate unused materials-Most likely you’ll have some amount of new construction material left when the project is finished. If so, give those materials away to a school, church, pet shelter, or another organization and take a tax write-off.

Call Mitrano Removal Services-We can set you up with the proper containers to fit the size and scope of your remodeling project, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get rid of all that remodeling debris. Clean load containers are available to use for materials that are recyclable such as, metal, wood, brush and concrete. Keeping these separate from other waste, allows us to bring those materials to a different disposal area for recycling.

Save time and money. Give us a call or email us today so we can discuss the most cost-efficient way to get the debris out of your kitchen or bath remodeling project.