Mitrano Removal Service, LLC has always been committed to recycling material. We utilize the services of state-of-the-art recycling facilities in effort to stay current with environmental issues. When disposing of demolition debris or construction waste, Mitrano Removal offers clean load containers. These include wood, asphalt shingles, concrete, asphalt, metal, and cardboard. These materials, as well as organic material, which include stumps, leaves, and manure, are hauled to the appropriate recycling facility where they are processed and reused.

For residential and business pick up, Single Stream Recycling is the most popular method of recycling. This program combines many recyclable items into one container and significantly reduces the need to sort items into multiple containers. These items are sorted at the recycling facility. Because it’s so easy, a higher volume of recycling is achieved with single stream recycling. Mitrano Removal Service, LLC takes pride in providing our customers with the best options possible for recycling all types of materials.

There are many acceptable items:

CARDBOARD                                              JUNK MAIL

OFFICE PAPER (white & colored)         ENVELOPES (including windows)


CARD STOCK PAPER                               COMPUTER PAPER

POST IT NOTES                                         ALUMINUM & TIN CANS


FOOD CONTAINERS -Empty without food Glass/ Metal/ Aluminum/ Cardboard

If we all do our part with the variety of recycling options out there, we support a greener, cleaner environment.