Rich Gibson

One may think it’s an easy day for a driver. Well, you may be surprised to find out just how busy of a day these men have! One of our veteran drivers, Rich Gibson, has been working at Mitrano Removal Service since 2011. Most days, Rich is up and on the road by 6:00 am. He is an experienced driver with most of his work being done in a “big truck”. Rich’s versatility is perfect for our company! He will jump into the tractor trailer or any of the roll-off trucks, whatever is needed. With every curve of the day, Rich keeps a steady, responsible pace and gets the job done!

 Patrick Thoresen

Patrick is also one of our versatile drivers here at Mitrano Removal Service LLC. He drives roll-off trucks and front load trucks, as needed.  Patrick is a skilled mechanic and does a good share of repair and maintenance in the garage. No matter where you find him, you will see him working hard with a smile!