Mitrano Removal Service is a family-owned local company that tends to the needs of families and individuals, while also being a company that is able to handle larger scale projects around the area. With the variety of projects that Mitrano Removal is able to assist with, comes a variety of different customers, all with their own specific needs. Mitrano Removal’s diverse and personable staff is able to help out ALL of our customers, whether it be picking up a small front load container of trash at a home or business, or transporting a forty yard container of recyclable demolition materials to the proper facility. Here are some examples of the usual Mitrano Removal customers:

The Spring Cleaner: It’s time to clean out the house and the yard in time for the warm weather. Mitrano Removal Service offers 10, 15 and 30-yard open top containers that are bound to be perfect for all spring cleaning needs.

The Horse Farmer: Whether you own one horse or a hundred horses, Mitrano Removal Service has the manure removal program for you! While some customers prefer to have a container on site at all times with scheduled or on-call swaps, other customers prefer to stock pile and have a bi-annual or quarter-annual removal. Customers love to use Mitrano Removal for their manure removal needs because they know that the experienced staff will remove the manure safely, and transport it to a recycling facility to be put to further use.

The Apartment Complex Owner: Front load containers are a must for every apartment complex or home looking to efficiently and easily dispose of household trash. We have 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 yard front load containers available. We also offer compactors for larger communities.

The Construction Worker: Larger containers are available for removing construction materials from sites. Since 1992, we have been assisting in projects and the demolitions of commercial buildings, residential homes, barns, and garages.

If you do not fit into one of these categories, don’t worry! Mitrano Removal Service is able to accommodate all clients and projects, new and old, big and small, close and far. Call to speak personally with a member of the crew today!