image of family raking leavesOrganic yard waste such as leaves, brush, and stumps are no longer allowed in most landfills because they can break down into bio-gas such as methane, which is a significant greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming if it’s not captured and utilized. Fortunately, these kinds of organic yard waste are considered “clean loads” and as such, can be collected and properly composted or recycled.

Organic yard waste that we collect can be turned into usable byproducts such as mulch, fuel, and other valuable commodities. This form of recycling can help reduce overall waste volumes while reducing pollution and other environmental damage. Organic yard waste includes all kinds of vegetative or organic material produced from the care and maintenance of landscaped areas, gardens, and lawns. This includes weeds, leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers and plants, brush, tree trunks, pruned branches and stems, roots, wood shavings, and even Christmas trees. This kind of organic yard waste accounts for a significant portion of the waste that used to end up in Central Massachusetts landfills each year.

Organic yard waste has been increasing in volume in recent decades due to the growth of suburban residential areas and is producing massive amounts of organic debris for municipal waste collection systems to handle each growing season. The result has been some communities simply halting collection of yard waste. Organic material such as tree limbs, brush, and grass clippings contain a lot of moisture, which hinders burning, and while it is biodegradable, a landfill does not get the oxygen and water needed for the organic yard waste to breakdown because modern landfills are constructed to protect the environment by preventing the movement of air and moisture. As a result, most organic yard waste is no longer accepted by landfills.

Here at Mitrano Removal Service our team of organic waste experts have years of yard waste management experience — the practice of reducing or optimizing the amount of yard waste that finds its way to local waste management facilities. We can help you get rid of the yard waste you generate by methods such as collection and composting as well as waste material recycling into mulch for lawns and gardens and biofuel. All of these actions responsibly recycle organic yard waste such as leaves and brush instead of adding to the burden of local waste management facilities. So this fall, call us for a clean load container to handle your end-of-season yard clean-up and let us help you protect the environment.